Farmers Market Report, March 18, 2017, Leesburg, Va

ComfortFoodKim's Farm Market Report:
Reporting My Favorite Things From Leesburg Farm Market
Leesburg, Va
March 18, 2017

     Today was a pleasant day at the market.  The weather was not freezing nor was the wind blowing a gale.  Lot of people were about.  I especially enjoyed one new arrival.  The Temple Hall Sheep Club Fundraiser was there with a mama sheep and her lambs!  I got to pet a lamb for the first time in my life I believe!  I don't remember ever actually doing that!  I have pet baby goats but never a lamb.

     At Shenandoah Seasonal I got some baby red Russian kale.  I think I may wilt them in a little bacon fat and pour a bacon sweet/sour dressing over it.

     I also picked out a kohlrabi which I might grate into the kale dish raw.  Some say it is similar in texture and taste to broccoli stem, just sweeter and milder.  We shall soon find out how it pairs with the kale!  They also had more pea shoots and mache which I added to my basket too!

     The interesting cut of meat I brought home today from Woodtrail Graziers was Osso Buco.  It is a cross-cut veal shank that has a bone in the middle of the meat usually with some marrow in the middle.  I will braise it slowly with some wine and chicken broth possibly.  It will be meltingly tender.  I always think of osso buck as a date night dish - something special.


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