Farm Market Report, March 4, 2017 Leesburg, Virginia

ComfortFoodKim's Farm Market Report:
Reporting from Leesburg Farm Market
Leesburg, Va
March 4, 2017

     Wow, I knew the warm weather would swing back a few times, and it did.  Yesterday I saw a few flakes of snow in the air and this morning on the way to the farm market, the car thermometer said 36 degrees.

     That did not stop people from from going to market though.  It was bright, sunny, brisk, and windy.  Today I replaced my olive oil and thick balsamic from Taste of Old Country.  Two valuable ingredients I reach for often, hence the need to replace regularly.  My meat guy from Wood Trail Graziers had beef short ribs, which I will save for my son visiting next week, and Marrow bones.  Hmmm I really like roasted bone marrow.  Sounds strange?  I have had it in restaurants and it is wonderful.  Trust me, I will be playing with these this week.

     As always I get my eggs from the farm market.  Lately I have been getting them from Harpers Ferry Family Farm where I reserve them ahead of time the week before.  That way if I don't get up early I know they will be there for me.

     I made my stop at Shenandoah Seasonal and got the weekly spring mix.  I was happy to see some more sun shoots and pea shoots.  I chose sun shoots.  I saw some tat soi and picked up a bag of that too.  My husband also wanted scallions for his pizza tomorrow.  Then a new thing I had to try: Mache or in French, Mâche.

     Mache are small delicate greens that look like tiny heads of lettuce.  They are also called corn salad and lamb's lettuce (the leaves have the shape of a lamb's tongue).  Upon research these little guys have the distinction of being a gourmet green.  People usually don't cook them since they are so delicate.  I did see one suggestion of cooking them like spinach though.

     They show up as a petite salad or included on appetizer plates.  Their flavor is slightly sweet, creamy, and nutty.  In Europe they serve it with a simple vinaigrette and sliced hard boiled eggs or roasted beets.  Below you can see I made a Mache Avocado Salad.  Stay tuned for the recipe.

Mache Avocado Salad.


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