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Sweet Potato Polenta - Recipe

This is an easy way to dress up polenta and have some fun with sweet potatoes.  It is easy to execute yet results in a very elegant dish.  It is not necessary to let the cornmeal sit for one hour if you are in a hurry.  I do this to soften the cornmeal up a bit first.  If you want a thicker sweet potato polenta you can reduce the yogurt amount.

     I like to serve this as a base for almost any meat dish.  Hunter Porter Stew, Osso Buco, Chicken and Kielbasa, Hungarian Chicken, and Lamb Shanks all pair well with Sweet Potato Polenta!

Sweet Potato Polenta (Serves 4)

3 c. Water
1 c. Cornmeal
1 c. Plain Cow Yogurt or Plain Goat Yogurt
1/2 tsp. Salt
2 Large Sweet Potatoes cooked

Mix 1 cup water, cornmeal, and yogurt in a bowl. Let it sit for 1 hour. Then add salt to two cups of water in a saucepan. Bring water to a boil and slowly add the cornmeal, whisking to separate lumps. Simmer on medium low heat for 20 minutes until thick, stirring constantly. Scoop the cooked sweet pot…

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