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Brunch Menus

I love breakfast.  So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have people over for a beautiful brunch.  Get out the china, and make one of my quiches, do a brunch punch, make scones, and dessert, etc.  So this summer I did just that a few times with different groups.

So, doing brunch entails the height  of organization. " Why? It's just breakfast," you say?  Well, just when do you think you will wake up to get it all done in time? 

The day before:
Set table
Scones dry ingredients were mixed and placed in zip lock bags and into the fridge
Quiche ingredients chopped, fry bacon and onion, zip lock and into the fridge
Salmon heat smoked and store in fridge
Hummingbird Cake and stored in fridge
Fresh Fruit Bake prepared and marinated

The day of:
Set out grapes and Prosciuto Wrapped Mozzarella Cheese
6:30am Mix, cut out, and bake Scones
8:00am Break 24 eggs, add ingredients, and start to bake Quiche
9:30am Chop veggies for Ratatouille and bake in Big Green Egg
10:30 Fresh Frui…

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