Farmer's Market Report - May 27, June 3 & 10, 2017: Leesburg VA

     The summer Farmer's Markets are in full swing in Northern Virginia!  More farmers and more customers are coming out to Leesburg, Va for the Saturday morning market.

     From Allder School Berries, I brought home some delicious blueberries!  It is hard to beat sweet blueberries in the summer.  They are so good they may disappear before I make anything with them!

     We bought a raspberry bush from Allder School Berries a few weeks ago and planted it in our backyard.  See how it is doing?  Looks like we will get a few berries this year!

     I discovered a wonderful place to buy the freshest organic spices I have ever seen, Full Moon Farm LLC.  I started with Herbes de Provence, Cilantro, then French Thyme.  Every week I have been treating myself to a new spice!

     As usual I continue to by veggies from Shenandoah Seasonal and eggs from Harpers Ferry Family Farm, LLC.

     Below is buttercrunch lettuce.  It appears to have a slightly thicker leaf and is crispy at the base.

     Here is a salad made with buttercrunch lettuce topped with capers, dried cranberries, and  pumpkin seeds.

     Below is a quick chicken salad over spring mix and buttercrunch lettuce, topped with cilantro and parmesan cheese.

         Swiss chard is so big that I have to cut it to fit into the spinner!

          Fresh Oregano!  Time for pizza and spaghetti!

     Below is my 24 Egg Brunch Quiche that I sliced with a biscuit cutter to serve in the elegant cylindrical shape.  Stay tuned for this recipe to be posted soon!  "Like" my Facebook Page so you don't miss any recipes!

     This tall crustless quiche, made in a springform pan,  gets its beautiful colors from sweet spring beets, beet greens, green onions, and dried cilantro.  It features 2 kinds of cheese, muenster and raw sharp cheddar, along with bacon.  To create a rich creaminess I add a little cream to the yogurt for the dairy component.  It is served with Swiss chard drizzled with balsamic vinegar infused with apple from Taste of Old Country (no longer at Leesburg Market, see website for their market locations).  I sprinkled all with dried cilantro.

     Below is a Beet Salad with White Valsamic Vinegar Infused with Pear. It is so easy to throw together for the summer, I don't even need to cook or peel the beets!

Sources From Leesburg Farmers Market:
Eggs:  Harpers Ferry Family Farm, LLC
Buttercrunch Lettuce, Spring Mix, Swiss Chard, Beets, Oregano:   Shenandoah Seasonal
Dried Cilantro:   Full Moon Farm LLC
Blueberries and Raspberry Plant:  Allder School Berries

Other Sources (See website for market locations):
White Balsamic Vinegar Infused with Pear:  Taste of Old Country
Balsamic Vinegar Infused with Apple:  Taste of Old Country


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