About Beets

     Today I did a very simple recipe at the Le Creuset food demonstration at the Leesburg Corner Outlets. It was very simple, and it was not a 2 to 3 hour long braise in a Dutch oven.  I made Onion and Garlic Roasted Beets.  This recipe from my cookbook, Exceptional Comfort The Recipes Volume , specifies to use an oven which caramelizes the beets.  I used an induction burner at the store since there was no oven, and cooked it up in a couple of minutes like a stir fry.  The garlic and onion powder make it absolutely heavenly.  It seems that there are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who like beets and those who don't.  Most people I met today have limited beet experience.  They only know of the pickled beet in a vinegar marinade.  This recipe is nothing remotely like that.  It has a satisfying warm, salty, garlic, and onion seasoning.


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