A Day at the Races

     I admit it; I have had a food fantasy for several years about going to the Oatlands Plantation for The Loudoun Hunt Point to Point Races.  It goes something like this; I put up my little tent (really my husband would do that part),  unvail a spread with a gorgeous table, and have a great party, all the while enjoying the splendor of Oatlands.  While watching the beautiful horses run by, I would sip my cocktail and stuff myself on magnificent food.  Oh, and flowers.  Yes, the flowers really invite the eye.
     My dream is yet to come to full fruition, but I did go, see the races, and met and talked with those who did go all out.  The April 15th, Loudoun Hunt Point to Point Races had a stupendous day in Northern Virginia for the occasion.  Absolute perfect weather brought out all the pretty dresses and hats.  I saw cowboy hats, fedoras, and bow ties on gentlemen as well.  There is something breathtaking about seeing the riders, horses, and people in formal riding gear.  One family has reserved the same spot for 40 years, and comes every year enjoying meeting up with the neighboring tents.
     The people I met were gracious and friendly.  Here are a few memories of the day at Oatlands.

One of the most elegant tables
     Note the table cloth; was perfect for the occasion, had beautiful clean lines, and was specially made.  The flower arrangement was gorgeous and the food looked delicious.  Elegant serving dishes were in proportion to the flower arrangement and displayed like an artist's painting.

A lovely lady all decked out

Great Look!

Going to work

Beautiful Garden at Oatlands

Here they come!


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