Spring and Hot Cross Buns

     Happy Spring to all!  I love this time of year.  It is very busy, especially leading up to the Easter season. As a harpist, I have spent the last few weeks composing, preparing harp parts, and rehearsing for holy week and Easter.  It all turned out great, however as with many holidays where my schedule increases, it is difficult to do all I want to do on the home front.  It does not always get done exactly the way I planned.  So instead of snitting about what I did not do, I am very grateful for what I did do.
      Somehow I was able to fit in my Hot Cross Buns.

Me and some Buns

Just look at those puffy wonders of goodness

They were still warm!
     Dipping the the tops of the dough balls in cooled melted butter/margarine before setting them in the pan to rise allows them to effortlessly separate when they are done baking.
My friend put on a little icing.
     We had a wonderful day in Northern Virginia last week for sitting outside and enjoying a cup of tea.  Sunny with just the right breeze.  I made the Hot Cross Buns recipe from Exceptional Comfort The Recipes Volume I, and had tea with a friend I had not seen in awhile.  It was so nice to stop and rest for a little while and enjoy friendship and sunshine!
     As I moved throughout  the rest of the week I frequently stopped myself and thanked God for all my blessings.


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