Happy Father's Day 2013


Smoking Brined Pork Tenderloins
Sliding a Pizza onto the Stone

     A very Happy Father's Day to all the dad's!  When My husband and I just got married, he was quick to point out that Father's Day took a back seat to Mother's Day and that all dads ever got were ties.  However, when he became a father he told me he actually liked getting ties, because he never bought them for himself.  I still don't get him a tie on Father's Day.  It just doesn't feel right.  It is ok to get him one any other day of the year, except Father's Day.  Now we usually grill something on his Big Green Egg, which 18 years into the fatherhood thing my son and I surprised him.  I think that was his favorite all time present, which keeps on giving over and over.  It is a pizza oven, grill, and regular oven all in one.  I braise with my Dutch oven and Roast my turkey in it on Thanksgiving.  He loves being the grill meister of the house, and is always asking what we are going to do next.  Our latest thing is smoking Pork Tenderloins in it that have been brined the day before.


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