Exceptional Comfort LLC Donates To Johns Hopkins Gynecological Oncology Department

     This holiday season I was so excited that Exceptional Comfort LLC was able to donate 72 Exceptional Comfort Cookbooks to the gynecological oncology department that treated me two years ago for ovarian cancer.  Two years ago I had a treatment during Christmas time, and was given a small gift bag put together by someone who had undergone treatment the year before.  The nurse told me that a patient put these together for people going through chemotherapy.  I was so touched that a stranger would think of the patients coming after her, I decided right then and there that I would do something to lift up the patients who came after me too.
     Since I finished my book last May I set aside a box for the patients at Johns Hopkins.  I took a few of them during an appointment and did a test.  I struck up a conversation with a patient awaiting treatment and offered her my book.  Her face changed completely, and it looked as though stress melted away.  She looked less pensive now and was smiling, claiming that she would have something to do doing her treatment.  Success!  During my next checkup I brought 72 more books for handing out during the holidays.  My intention is to bring comfort, which brings hope, which gives courage.

     Even a small little book of yummy recipes can be a force of good in this world!


  1. That is Great - Reaching out to others always comes back 10 fold!


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