New Year's Day Menu

     When I was little my family always had a New Year's Day Party with a formal dinner to celebrate.  I remember waking up and seeing the Rose Bowl parade on TV while preparation for the big dinner began.  I always helped set the table and watched my grandfather cut the roast.  We were happy if a plum pudding and/or fruitcake were saved for this last big holiday dinner.

     Now I carry on the family tradition to have a nice New Year's Day Dinner.  Here is this year's menu and tips.

     It is always good to write down notes about where your favorite recipes are, so that when the next holiday or party comes around you don't have to remember what book it is hiding in.  You may try out a new recipe and think you will remember where it is for the future, but as my cookbook collection grows, I discovered that I often have to go searching for it the next year.  It is especially helpful if you are anything like me and collect a few cookbooks (I own about a hundred).  Also I like to look at the line up from prior years menus.

New Year's Day table.

Roasted Apple Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Corn Chowder.

Fresh Goat Cheese Classic Chèvre covered in Herbs de Provence with Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers.

Pickled Herring.

Dried Fig Relish.

New Year's Day Dinner 2018

 Champagne Toast

 Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru


Fresh Goat Cheese Classic Chèvre
(4 oz log - Source:  Vermont Creamery covered in Herbs de Provence - Source:  Full Moon Farm)

Jarlsberg Cheese
(Norwegian Cheese - like a mild Swiss) 

 (Source:  Ski Queen)
(Norwegian Brown Cheese)

Crémeux de Bourgogne
(Source:  Delin)

(Source:  Vermont Creamery)
 (Aged goat and cow's milk cheese)

Apple Peach Chutney
(Salsavino: A Selection of Unique Salsa Recipes Created for Pairing With Fine Wines and Assorted Delicacies by Chuck Cardamon)

Dried Fig Relish
(The Gift of Southern Cooking by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock)

Pickled Herring Party Snax
(Source:  Altman's)

Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers
(Source: Carr's)

Rice Crackers
(Source:  Edward and Sons Organic Brown Rice Snaps Gluten Free Unsalted Plain)


Corn Chowder
(Comfort Food Cookbook by Kimberly Cawi)
(Get it on iBooks®)

Salad Greens With Herbs and Roasted Fennel
(Comfort Food Cookbook by Kimberly Cawi)
(Get it on iBooks®)


 (by Kimberly Cawi)
(beef from Wood Trail Graziers)

(by Kimberly Cawi)



Pumpkin-Gingersnap  Ice Cream
(Gingerbread: Timeless Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Desserts, Ice Cream, and Candy by Jennifer Lindner McGlinn (I made it without the Gingersnaps))

Gingerbread Bundt Cake
(Holiday Entertaining by Williams-Sonoma)

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