Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker Stock - Chicken or Beef - Recipe

     I find homemade bone broth to be a spectacular base for soups and stews.  It will have a deeper color than your regular broths and stocks.  It is rich in flavor and very gelatinous which is very good for you too.
     Making stock or bone broth with a pressure cooker is like fast forwarding a DVD.  One hour of cooking in your pressure cooker yields the results of 3 hours of regular cooking.  So if you pressure cook for 4 hours, it is as if you cooked for 12 hours the conventional way.  This means an extra rich broth will come out in less time.  The closer you get to the 8 hour pressure cooker time, the closer you will get to a true bone broth.  Don't be discouraged, though.  I usually find I have 4 hour chunks of time, and this yields an amazingly rich broth.
     One thing to remember with pressure cookers is to never fill beyond the maximum fill line.  I also stay nearby to monitor and adjust the heat level if needed.  Be sure to follow the directions of your particular pressure cooker.

Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker Stock- Chicken or Beef

(Makes 8 cups depending on size of your pressure cooker)

Assorted Beef Bones roasted and browned in the oven or 1 Whole Chicken or Roasted Chicken Carcass
4 Leafy Celery Tops
1 Onion chopped (you can leave skin on if rinsed off)
2 Bay Leaves
1/2 tsp. Black Peppercorns
1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. Coarse Sea Salt
2 Carrots Sliced with skin on
3 qts. Water to cover ingredients (don't fill beyond max line on pressure cooker)

Place all ingredients in an 8 quart pressure cooker.  Do not exceed the maximum fill line in the pot.  Cook to your individual pressure cooker's instructions for 3-8 hours.  The longer you cook it, the richer the broth.  Relieve the pressure per the directions for your pot.  When done, strain the broth and it is ready to use.

My pressure cooker.

Below is an 8 hour stock very dark in color.  I freeze it in 2 cup containers ready to use in my recipes later.


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