Shishito Peppers - Recipe

     Here is a fun way to eat Shishito Peppers.  I got them from Shenandoah Seasonal at the Farmer's Market in Ashburn, VA.  They are so beautiful and tasty.  They are generally not too hot, but once in awhile you will find one with a bit more kick to it.  They fry up quickly and are fun to eat holding the stems.  On top I drizzle the garlic infused oil from Taste of Old Country, also from the Ashburn Farmer's Market.

Shishito Peppers

(Appetizer for 4)

1/4 lb. Shishito Peppers with stems
Palm Oil for frying
Olive Oil infused with Garlic for drizzling
Salt to Taste

Poke the peppers with a cake tester or fork to allow steam to escape and keep it from bursting.  Heat a saute pan on medium low.  Add just enough palm oil to coat the pan.  I use palm oil when frying, because it tolerates the high heat.  Add the peppers and saute, stirring often, for 5 minutes until they start to get some brown spots.  Do not overcook.  Remove peppers from pan and place in a serving bowl.  Allow them to cool enough to be able to handle.  Have guests place the peppers on a plate, top with the infused oil, and salt to taste.  Pick up the pepper with the stem and eat, discarding the stem.

Shishito Peppers from the farmer's market.

Frying the peppers.

Shishito Peppers with olive oil infused with garlic.


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