World Photo Day


     Today is International World Photo Day so what does one post on that day when one takes so many pictures it is impossible to choose?  And when there are so many millions of wonderful photographs uploaded to the internet every second of every day?  Well, food of course.  I never tire of photographing this subject.  It cooperates so well.  It doesn't move or wiggle or get impatient.  It doesn't say it doesn't want its picture taken or anything like that.  It simply sits there and looks yummy with its beautiful colors and flavors.  Yes, you can almost taste it when you look at it.

     The top photo is my salad I was devouring this week.  The farmer's market had gotten in a new batch of spring mix greens.  I added some melon balls and garlic infused olive oil.  Also I drizzled on some raspberry infused balsamic vinegar.  Don't think they would go together?  I beg to differ.  I nearly scarfed down the whole thing before I took the picture.  I get these lovelies at the Ashburn Farmers Market from Taste of Old Country.  Oh, they ship too.  I am having a lot of fun figuring out ways to use these oils and vinegars.

     The picture below is a sneak peak into the future.  A future recipe post or cookbook entry that is.  It is French Onion Soup topped with a waffle and melted cheese.  We are not ready for the fall food yet, but I can't help myself.  I love soup and I had a craving for French onion, so I whipped up this extremely rich one with a beef bone broth base.  Not just any bone broth, but bone broth pressure cooked for 8 hours.  Thanks to the fast forward cooking of the pressure cooker that is as good as a 24 hour simmer in only an 8 hour time frame.  The result?  A superbly flavored soup base for your onion soup.  Now as far as the waffle goes?  Don't judge me.  I did not have any French bread, and it fit nicely in the bowl.  It worked great.  Toast it first to get nice and crusty then pop it on top of the soup.  Add some cheese of choice, white cheddar here, and then broil in a broil safe bowl till bubbling.  Stay tuned for this one.  


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