A Valentine's Tea

      A Valentine's Tea is the perfect way to brighten the winter blues.  The cheerful red colors and chocolates lighten our spirits with ease, and it somehow doesn't matter that the wind is howling outside or that the next snow storm looms ahead.  Below I have a table set with the savory course.  I placed a bison meatloaf round on salad greens, avocado, hard boiled egg, and tomato, then topped it with an olive tapenade.  I also served a horse radish cream sauce on the side.  The salty tapenade went well with the grass fed bison flavor, and the horse radish cream sauce stood up well to the tapenade.  The delicate avocado balanced out the tapenade also.  I wanted an attractive way to serve the bison meatloaf (I have always been challenged photographing a visually appealing meatloaf), so I experimented with my biscuit cutters to find the right proportioned size.  It is both delicious and visually impressive.  Such a great way to make a great presentation out of simple yet powerfully flavored ingredients.

   The pretty red napkin is folded like a rose.  I found the instructions in the February, 2016 Tea Time magazine, and it is really easy to do!


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