Onesies for the Soul

     Happy New Year!  I for one am glad for the new year and happy to meet the changes and challenges this new year will bring.  At my house Number One Son will graduate college this year and has applied to 10 graduate schools.  Yes, ten.  More swings at the bat bring more hits.  Any how, these changes looming ahead have inspired deep philosophic conversations between the two of us which I will cherish.  When he moves into his own apartment somewhere in the USA, he will be even farther away, and we won't have these opportunities in person very often.  I have permission to share a bit of his enlightened wisdom which I found both extremely humorous, light hearted, and profound at the same time.
     After discussing some of the big stuff such as the state of the world, why we are not in control of our own food in this country anymore (i.e.. the amount of dangerous pesticides allowed etc.), and the definition of destiny, we came to the definition of the soul.  I described how when I was small we were taught that the soul's location was inside you near the heart area.  Then as an adult I read how ancient Celtic people believed that the soul was much larger.  That the body resided in the soul.  Number One Son asked "What if it just fits?  What if the body is a onesie for the soul?"  I smiled, -a onesie for the soul.  What a neat way of thinking about it.  Then he went on to ponder that maybe for some people the soul is not in exact alignment with the body and is a bit off; the head might be off to an angle for instance.  What if it was so off that it was 180 degrees rotated, and the soul's head was up its, you know?  That would explain a lot of things.  I burst out laughing.
     As funny as this sounds, I can't help thinking that he is right.  Maybe when our actions are not in line with what is best for us or hurting others, we are off kilter and out of balance.  My prayer for this new year and time of transition for my family and the world is that our choices are in alignment with our higher selves.
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