Leesburg Farmers Market Fun

     The Farmers Market in Leesburg, VA this Saturday was full excitement and energy.  Everybody was happy to be out and starting a great farm market season.  I know I was!  I want to highlight a few vendors that caught my eye.

The amazing eggs from Shenandoah Seasonal

Shenandoah Seasonal

     The eggs from Shenandoah Seasonal are eye catching for example.  I love farm fresh eggs that have the bright yellow yolks.  The yolk doesn't lie.  You can tell that the chickens are pastured.  I also like the chemical free part.  The Swiss chard was lovely too.  I have been using Swiss chard in a lot of my recipes lately.  See Lamb Pate with Swiss Chard and Goat Cheese.  I can't wait to see what else they bring to market this spring!

Alexandra Haney

Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese

     Another one was Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese.   They are a small family farm in Lovettsville, VA.  They use the milk from their herd of alpine dairy goats!  I think I am in heaven.    They make six varieties of goat cheese and I can't wait to try them all.  www.georgesmillcheese.com  I tried Picnic Woods first.  This cheese is infused with the flavor of Herbs de Provence, which gives it a subtle woodsy flavor.  Clearly, for me, it is the best goat cheese I have ever had to date.  The super creamy texture and complex flavor make it an utter surreal experience.  Enjoy my "Ode to Goat Cheese"  pictures below.

Simply Nut Free Chocolates

     I met MaryAnne Klank, of Simply Nut Free Chocolates.  This is a lady after my own heart.  She is a dedicated second generation chocolatier who creates handcrafted, quality confections.   Visit her website, www.simplynutfree.com, to learn more about her delicious chocolates!

Until Next Time

     I enjoyed sharing my fun farmer's market finds!  What have you discovered at your local farmer's market this spring?  Leave a comment and tell me about it!

My handsome husband

Pretty flowers


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