Joys of Silver Plate

Ok, I was always of the mind that I would never ever collect dishes that tarnish and are labor intensive to maintain.  Well, never say never.  I noticed over the last few years that tables with beautiful silver plate platers, bowls, chafing dishes, etc. have a totally different look.  They look elegant!  Not that other dishes are not beautiful and elegant, but silver plate just seemed to take it into another league.  Perhaps I have been watching too much Downton Abbey, I don't know.  I have noticed that many antique stores have lots of silver plate items to explore.   And it is often affordable too,  especially if it was a little tarnished!  The serving dish and water pitcher below were $42.  Here is what I found in Chicago this year.  I  brought them home and polished them up with Hagerty Silver Foam.  Wallah!  Instant beauty!  To keep it that way I wrap them in silver cloth.

Do I use it?  Yes.  Like my good china, it comes out to play regularly.


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