Food Demonstration using Exceptional Comfort: The Recipes at Le Creuset

Stirring the Snow Pudding at Le Creuset
I was using the gorgeous Buffet Casserole


The store manager and me with Snow Pudding at Le Creuset

     Hurray!  On July 30th I was at Le Creuset in the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets.  My favorite all time store!  They were demonstrating how to make my Snow Pudding using their buffet casserole.  It is a creamy white desert risotto made with coconut milk and seasoned with cinnamon stick and vanilla.  Oh so rich! - And sweetened with a little powdered sugar and a dollop of jam.  So easy too.  No standing and stirring forever.  Once the coconut milk is in and simmering, turn off the heat and let it sit. 



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